Validator Setup Guide

This page show the essential step to set up a validator for DotOracle multi-chain bridge.
Security Disclaimer: Despite having some security elements in this guide, there is no implied guarantee of security. You must fully secure your server.

Technical Requirements / Recommendations

The following are requirements and server specifications.
  • 500,000 DTO token deposit
  • Server (cloud-VPS) with at least
    • 4 vCPU cores (Prefer higher clock speed. Usually found on "CPU optimized" cloud providers' servers)
    • 8GB RAM
  • Storage (Disk Space)
    • 100 GB of storage
    • ~ 0.5 GB of weekly data storage space increase
    • Note: These numbers may decrease with ongoing optimizations to the code base.

Knowledge Requirements

  • VPS Setup - Ability to setup a cloud-hosted virtual private server (VPS)
  • Linux familiarity - A basic knowledge of how to SSH-into (ex: putty or terminal) and operate the Linux command-line.

Step by step install validator node

There are 3 main steps for installing validators node.
  • Install and config your own validator node
  • Keep update with DotOracle developers team for key generation procedure. All validator need to join this procedure at the same time.
  • Install DotOracle's validator project on your own server. DotOracle developer team will support all validator for this step if they're facing with any difficulty.