Tamper-proof off-chain data provider to other networks

All validators then confirm the transaction that triggers feeding off-chain data into smart contracts and produce tamper-proof signatures to the DotOracle chain. From the tamper-proof signatures of all validators for the state of off-chain data, any relayer (any node on the internet) can relay the proofs and off-chain data to any smart contract on other chain, given that those smart contracts are coded by allowing anyone to push transactions with the tamper-proofs data to feed off-chain data.
For example, the DotOracle blockchain can have oracle smart contracts for ETH/USD price. This data is tamper-proof and signed by at least ⅔ the validators of the network. Anyone can use this data and the signature proofs to program a smart contract accepting the ETH/USD price with signatures of the validators of the DotOracle chain.